Experience: Brian V. Lucianna, Esquire is a seasoned litigator and a New Jersey and Pennsylvania licensed attorney since 1985.
Personal Service: Our law firm offers a personal “on hands” attentive approach towards clients in need of aggressive, professional and expert legal services.
True Legal Representation: You will speak to a lawyer, not a secretary or a paralegal, when you need legal advice.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?
  • Only an experienced, responsive and aggressive attorney can obtain full compensation if you are injured on the job, or due to another's negligence in a motor vehicle accident, on another's property or if you are bitten by a dog.


  • Only an experienced attorney can ensure that your rights as Beneficiary or Fiduciary of an Estate are properly protected through any and all legal means, including Probate litigation, if necessary.


  • Only an attorney can make sure that your personal estate is managed and disposed of in accordance with your instructions through expert preparation of a Last Will and Testament, Advanced Directive for Health Care, and a Power of Attorney.


  • Only an attorney can provide legal advice and represent you when you receive a traffic ticket or criminal summons in Municipal Court.


  • Only an attorney who works only for you, not a Realtor, can provide legal advice in a real estate transaction.

With a free telephone consultation on all matters, you receive over 30 years of legal knowledge at no cost.

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