Real Estate Transactions

Important considerations when selling or buying a home:

There is no substitute for legal representation.

Although a real estate agent can provide you with general information regarding your purchase or sale of a home, only an attorney is legally permitted to give you legal advice, and only a lawyer experienced in Real Estate matters can competently advise you as to the legal meaning and consequences of the many documents that are presented to you.

You need competent legal counsel to fully protect your legal rights and to guide you through the many intricacies of a real estate transaction.

Every real estate contract prepared by a real estate agent or Realtor is required to disclose who the agent(s) represent and specifically must indicate that the agent is prohibited by law from giving out any legal advice regarding the transaction.

My firm’s loyalty rests entirely with you.

My firm charges an affordable flat fee from contract to closing.

If the sale or purchase does not appear to be financially beneficial to you, I will not hesitate to so advise.

A real estate agent, in most transactions, is not paid anything unless and until the transaction is completed.

The consumer information statement required to be attached to every contract prepared by a real estate agent or Realtor should be carefully read, as it discloses who the agent works for, whether it be you as buyer or seller, or if the individual is acting as a dual agent for both buyer or seller. In the latter case, representation by an attorney who represents only you is essential.

If there is no real estate agent involved, a lawyer is essential.

As an experienced real estate law firm, our one low affordable fee includes the drafting of any documents necessary for the sale or purchase of a house, including a clearly written agreement of sale that sets forth what is expected of each party to the real estate transaction, as well as a deed that insures that the property is corrected titled.

In commercial and residential transactions, we also prepare and/or provide legal advice on any and all mortgage or loan documentation necessary for a smooth transaction.

Store bought documents may not adequately protect your legal rights and may result in adverse legal consequences should they not be properly drafted.

We can help you determine whether the deal is in your best interest.

A real estate purchase may be the most expensive transaction of your lifetime and buying the wrong property could be devastating.

An agreement for sale is a legal binding document that if not properly drafted or reviewed could result in adverse consequences.

Having a legal professional in your corner from the moment of the presentation of a sales contract until the date of closing insures that your best interests are protected.